About Me

Hello there!

I am Pina. I discovered Tarot at a very difficult moment of my own transformational, healing journey, and got immediately hooked on the powerful guidance it has offered me.
After long self-examination, study and healing, I now offer one on one readings.
I use the cards to access the energies that are currently active in a situation, using the archetypes and symbols present on the cards. As Dion Fortune says it so wonderfully, the original meaning of divination is not fortunetelling but spiritual diagnosis.
After that diagnosis is established, I use the cards to see which method of healing, inquiry, or meditation could fit the client’s needs the best.
I believe that through the medium of tarot and words one can empower and help heal another person’s soul.

If you feel stuck in an area of your life, struggle with something specific, or just wish some guidance on your journey, don’t hesitate to come to the Oracle of the Divine Unicorn.
I use astrology, witchy practices, tantric wisdom, and my hard-earned street smarts to assist you in finding your Uni’core and reclaim spiritual Power and freedom.

Fun facts about me:

Libra/Scorpio cusp Sun, Virgo rising, and Gemini Moon. Have the gift of the gab, and the fascination with transformation, sexuality, and death. But being really cute about it.

Have a coffin as I once played Funeral.

I have the tendency to really “go there”.

I am also an artist.

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